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        the Guigang Qintang Lotus Rhyme Tourism Investment Co. Ltd.

        2018-6-25 11:29| 發布者: superman| 查看: 893| 評論: 0

        摘要: The lotus rhyme tourism investment limited company in Qintang District, Guigang City (tourism investmentLtd for short) was founded in January 2018. This company is a state-owned enterprise owned by th ...

        The Guigang Qintang Lotus Rhyme Tourism Investment Co. Ltd. (tourism investment Ltd for short) was founded in January 2018. This company is a state-owned enterprise which owned by the People's Government of the Qintang District , Guigang City. It commits to the development, construction and management of all tourist projects within the scope of the Qintang district , Guigang city. Now, it is mainly responsible for the plan of the “lotus beautified Qintang” lotus root industry (core) demonstration area, the lotus root planting and the infrastructure construction, making every effort to build the landscape greening and environmental governance in the demonstration area, and achieving the development and construction of countryside agriculture complex.

        The registered capital of the company is 60 million yuan. It mainly engages in the development and management of tourist attractions, the construction and management of tourism infrastructure, the development and management of the aquatic amusement park, the investment and operation management of hotels, the plan and organization of the exhibition and large-scale cultural and sports activities, the design and construction of architectural project, the cultivation and sale of the nursery garden, the development and sale of cultural tourism products, the catering services, tourism services, ticket agents, housing, venues, billboards, bicycle rental services, etc.

        the company has 7 departments at present: the administration department, the personnel department, the finance department, the engineering department, the purchasing department, the tourism investment Ltd, the E-commerce department . The company has 34 employees, including 1 primary national certified architect, 1 Master of Agronomy major, 1 technical engineers, 5 Bachelor of Finance and Accounting major, 4 workers who engage in agricultural gardens for long time. The company has strong capital and strong professional backbone team.

        the construction projects of the company in the “lotus beautified Qintang”lotus root industry (core) demonstration area divide three parts currently. The first part is the lotus flower boutique garden: mainly constructing the viewing platform, tourist toilets and other infrastructure as well as the planting of lotus and aquatic plants in the field. The second part is the construction program of Wenchuang center: mainly building the Wenchuang center and the construction of Wenchuang center Jianan project. The third part  is the cultivating of precious lotus garden and design about 3000 mu of mountains and lotus fields for seed lotus, flower lotus and lotus root.

        At the same time, the company works on the development and production activities of lotus root industry. An innovative agricultural production base is built by make full use of more than 3000 mu of lotus root core area. The company  devote major efforts to  plant   more than 300 varieties of lotus like seed lotus, flower lotus and lotus root, and developing a series of agricultural by-product such as Qintang lotus, lotus suger, lotus leaf tea and lotus seeds. 







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